Do you need support in your digital transformation project? Are you looking into using Data Science in your business and you’d like to have some assistance? While all those buzzwords are more and more familiar to everybody, sometimes business people can find themselves lost when they need to start a project.

Feel free to contact us, our team will schedule an introductory call with you to explore the possibility to collaborate together! Below we list a few examples of areas where our team already got expertise.

Web scraping

Need to gather data at scale from different sources over the internet? Our team already masters a wide variety of Python frameworks – Requests, Scrapy, Selenium – and has experience in extensive and recurring data scraping. Very often, web scraping is only the first step in a Data Science project to help your company perform a digital transformation. Contact us to discuss in details!

Data Science

Your business is looking to get smarter in using the data it generates? Do you want to put in place a new data acquisition process? We can help you in your journey setting up the processes, infrastructure, and applications to transform data into actionable insights. We can also dig in your data together with your business domain expert to spot trends that require attention. Finally, we can help you with data visualization for more immediate communication of the insights we discover. Contact us to discuss in details!

Computer Vision

Are you planning to automate quality control for your production line? Do you want to control an environment for security? We can help you to explore and realize Computer Vision solutions for your needs, as well as put them into production. Contact us to discuss in details!

IoT devices

You need to connect an existing device to the Internet? You plan to develop a brand new one? Our team has experience in developing firmware for Single Board Computers and Micro-controllers, as well as in setting up the necessary cloud infrastructure to connect everything. We do develop firmware in C++, Micropython, as well as embedded applications in Python where appropriate. Our prototyping experience range from components to enclosures to realize a proof of concepts you can deploy in the field. Contact us to discuss in details!