You can find here some example of projects we realized. We will update this page over time as our portfolio will grow!

Analysis of gasoline prices in Italy

Our team collected some Open Data on gasoline prices in Italy and performed an exploratory analysis about prices distribution across various Italian regions for several types of fuel. We also looked into differences related to gas pump locations – Toll motorways vs. Highways vs. Other locations.

The project shows a mix of statistical tests aimed to prove significance of differences among different subdivision of our data, as well as graphically visualize our results. Have a further look at our Kaggle notebook!

Analysis of ANVUR journal lists

ANVUR is the Italian authority for evaluation of researchers. For this project we extracted data from a series of PDF that list journals considered as scientific from ANVUR and matched with Scopus, an internationally recognized database of journals by Elsevier.

We checked for differences in coverage among different scientific areas, as well as for distribution of Source-Normalized Impact per Paper – a metric used to measure journals relevance in the academic world. We also checked for potential dominant positions by publishing companies in the various sectors. Have a further look at our Kaggle notebook!

CSV-Excel converter

Very often in Data Science projects you will organize your data in Comma Separated Values (CSV in short) files. However, in many case you will have to deal with exporting or importing the same data in Excel format.

While Pyhton Pandas can automatically handle those conversions, sometimes all you want to do is to change the format of a bunch of files. This little Python application does exactly this, with a handy Graphical User Interface implemented using PySimpleGUI. You can compile it with PyInstaller for the Operating System of your choice and distribute it as a standalone application. The source code is fully available on Github at this link, you are free to play with it any way you like!

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